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Full Lace Wig

Full Lace Wigs have been around for many years. Celebrities such as Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Nicki minaj & Rhianna and many other celebrities are all wearing the lace front wig. This Full Lace Wig attachment is fantastic for giving the hair a rest and also fantastic for clients with hair loss. The full lace wig is not like normal wigs, this is due to the invisable hair line and the fact that the hair can be styled just like you would your normal hair!!

Learn how to prepare clients hair for full lace wig application, how to correctly measure a clients head, how to position and mark placement for wig, how to correctly apply adhesive/tape, how to fit a full lace wig, how to correctly and safely remove a full lace wig, how to market your full lace wig service, how to order a full lace wig, suppliers of full lace wigs, how to make money from the full lace wig service.

(kit includes human hair lace wig)

Intergrated Weave

The integrated weave hair extension technique is a safe and robust method used widely in afro Caribbean community and now very widely in the European community.

Learn how to do a cornrow braid correctly (not the way it is shown on you tube!!), how to colour match the integrated weave hair extensions,how to do a consultation, how to apply the integrated weave hair extensions, how to achieve highlights & Lowlights, how to blend the integrated weave hair extensions, how to advise on client aftercare, how to remove hair extensions correctly and safely

(braid with weft sewn on, 2 day course)

Wig Making

The Wig making technique is a great way to make a wig for yourself and clients. This course is also ideal for those who suffer from hair loss and cannot afford any of the various hair replacement systems out there. It creates an instant full head of voluminous hair and can be made with any length, colour, and hair texture desired.

How to make a wig, how to colour match the natural hair, how to do a consultation, how to apply the wig once made, how to integrate highlights & Lowlights, how to hair attach to achieve layered affect, how to advise on client aftercare, how to remove wig correctly and safely & store

(learn how to make a wig 2 day course)

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