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Hair Extensions Cutting Course £150

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Are you tired of applying hair extensions and having to send your client to the hairdressers to get the hair extensions cut, thus not being able to offer the full professional service?

Well Extend hair now offers a 1 day hair extensions cutting course that is for hair extension technicians. More women want to have hair done by technicians who can cut the hair extensions after they have been applied!!

Do you want to stand out from the crowd!!

Do you want to show that you are professional in the service you offer! Most importantly!! Do you want your clients to come back?

This hair extensions cutting course will show you how to cut, blend and style hair extensions.

This course is put together with the hair extension technician in mind!! This course is geared towards complete beginners in cutting hair extensions.

Course content

Layering, Razor cutting, Scissor cutting, Blending, Thinning

You will need to bring:

Cutting scissors, Thinning scissors, Razor

Duration: 1 day

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