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Terms & Conditions

By submitting to the Extendhair and Beauty & Beauty Extensions Training Course, you (“customer“) agree to the following terms and conditions for any Extendhair and Beauty Extensions Training Course provided by Extendhair and Beauty. Customer and Extendhair and Beauty Extensions Training are hereafter referred to as the parties, or independently as a party.

Subject to following terms and conditions, Customer hereby orders, and after receipt by customer of confirmation from Extendhair and Beauty Extensions training, Extendhair and Beauty Extensions training hereby accepts to provide, an Extendhair and Beauty Extensions Training course as described in the Course Description Schedule. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Extendhair and Beauty Extensions Training shall not be obligated to provide a Training Course to Customer unless Extendhair and Beauty Extensions training has received payment in full from Customer of the applicable fees and charges for such Training Course no less than five business working days from the date of the invoice and after customer has received a confirmation from Extendhair and Beauty Extensions Training.

  1. Information transmitted orally or contained in our documentation shall remain the exclusive property of Extendhair and Beauty Extensions Training. No license in the training modules demonstrated at the training course is implied from this agreement.
  2. Parties attending training at Extendhair and Beauty training centre are to abide by our health and safety rules.
  3. Due to hygiene purposes we do not accept any returns of hair extensions systems or hair replacement systems fitted and worn by parties for a refund under no circumstances.
  4. All course and training kits will be provided by Extendhair and Beauty on day of training. Extendhair and Beauty will only supply items applicable to the techniques being taught.
  5. Extendhair and Beauty reserves the right not to admit anyone onto training course if all payment is not received in full.
  6. Training fees for Extendhair and Beauty training courses are non refundable.
  7. Payments can be made with credit or debit cards, we do not except American express, Amex and Diners. All payments to be made in advance of training by debit or credit card.
  8. The day (s) training will consist of theory and practice on training head. Parties are to supply their own models if required for one to one training.
  9. Any issue with mastering the technique (s) must be addressed with the trainer by party/parties during training session.
  10. Photos & Videos will be taken during training and will remain the property of Extendhair. Videomonials that are done with consent & by choice will be used in various different ways such as You tube etc. Extendhair and Beauty reserves the right to use photos & videos for marketing and publication purposes.
  11. On completion of training all parties will be required to sign a training completion agreement and a certificate of completion will be awarded. (This is a private certificate awarded by Extendhair and Beauty, hair extension training services Ltd). This certificate enables you to do hair extension but does not qualify you to train others in hair extensions techniques. You are not permitted to use this certificate as a reference for training others in the processes of hair extensions. We can not be held liable in any form or manner for any activities undertaken by you in training others which may result in a legal proceedings.
  12. You may not use our certificate as a reference for undertaking training others in to perform hair extensions techniques. In the case that our certificate has been used as reference to undertaking training others to perform hair extensions techniques we retain right to undertake legal action.
  13. We do except training dates being rearranged if notified at least 3 days in advance with a valid reason.
  14. Extendhair and Beauty reserves the right to cancel, postpone or re-schedule courses due to unforeseen circumstances.